98.7% SEBUM and Blackheads eliminated in 60 seconds

Awsome-Derma™, the Premium Face Cleansing Package recommended by Dermatologists and Estheticians.

  • +50.000 customers use Awsome-Derma™ in the USA

  • Up to 9 times more effective than conventional cleaning

  • 98.7% acne and SEBUM eliminated in a single cleansing.

  • Recommended by dermatologists and a estheticians.

9 Times more effective than a normal facial treatment

Ultrasounds dislodge bacteria, dead cells, excess oil, SEBUM and many other wastes accumulated during the day. Use the double-sided washable sponges included in the package to remove your makeup, then take a steam bath (20 minutes to open your pores), disinfect the blade of the Awsome-Derma™ purifier and start your treatment.

Get a Baby Skin every time you use it !

A range of 3 products for an in-depth treatment. A technology (unavoidable) approved and used by all aestheticians, it has 4 modes: ultrasonic cleaning (PEELING), deep cleaning (ION+), introduction to nutrition (ION-) and finally the soothing massage (EMS Pulse).

5-in-1 treatment in 60 seconds

With Our Premium Package (Awsome-Derma™) you are entitled to 5 exclusive skin impurity treatment products for the price of one. Discover the new generation 5-in-1 Cleansing specially designed following the demand of +1 070 0000 people.

AWSOME-DERMA™ | The Box for radiant Dermis

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Opt for a face without imperfection and soft as a baby!

10 times more economical and especially more hygienic, AS-Derma™ offers a 5-in-1 treatment in only 10 minutes each week.

The micro-vibrations of the scrubber remove 98.7% of impurities and blackheads from the face, the sponges ensure a soft and deep make-up removal and radiant cleansing of the dermis.


A total of 5 products distributed as follows:

- 1 Face scrubber

- 1 Face spray 

- And 3 reusable make-up removal sponges.

Yes the Products present in the premium package removes make-up and cleans the face in depth thanks to its cotton sponge and its ultra sonic purifier last generation of May 2020.

Not only recommended by specialists, it is also used by dermal specialists during the various facial skin purification sessions.

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Yes Premium Package products

 - 3 reusable make-up sponges ( 100% cotton )

- 1 Ultra Sonic Scrubber

- 1 Face Spray
They are fully compatible with all skin types and are designed to solve the dermal problems of any individual.

Anti SEBUM solution